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Happy #N7Day from across the stars! … It’s time to RIG up. #DeadSpace is available NOW! … Mark your calendars! #MassEffect Legendary Edition is coming to …

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Find out everything we know about the Next Mass Effect game: … As of tomorrow, you will not be able to purchase Mass Effect 2 from the Xbox 360 …

BioWare – Twitter

Official Twitter feed for BioWare, developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and creators of Anthem, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Game support, contact.

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Mass Effect Facts’s Tweets … Turn your space into the altar of galactic elites, with this @MassEffect N7 Soft LED Wall Art. Order now at the BioWare Gear Store.

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Follow the Mass Effect Topic on Twitter. You’ll see top Tweets from a number of accounts that are experts, fans or just tend to talk about Mass Effect on …

MrHulthen – Twitter

Swedish RPG Youtuber & Mass Effect enjoyer. Bioware Brand Ambassador. … My very first Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition Insanity playthrough continues.

Mass Effect Universe (@MEUniverseFR) / Twitter

[Dossier d’Abyss] Nouveau dossier dédié à l’univers Mass Effect. Cette fois-ci, Abyss vous propose une analyse de la civilisation Angara, intronisée par …

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Top 1.5% (Global) podcast on the Lore behind Mass Effect. Available on Apple, Spotify and almost every other podcatcher. Hosts:.

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